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SWORD wikipedia entry

SWORD now has a wikipedia entry!

The page does not have much detail on at the moment, so if you have a minute or two, please take a look at the page, and see if you could add / edit / correct / improve / enhance the page.  If you know of any other entries that should link to or reference the SWORD entry, please could you add those in too.

If you have any SWORD-related content or links that you would like to be added to this site (links to implementations, code, documentation, blog entries, papers) please pass them on to and we’ll get them added.


New SWORD website and blog

Welcome to the new SWORD website and blog!

SWORD is now over three years old, and as part of growing up it is time for a new website, a new look and feel, and time to look forward to how the standard should develop over the next three years. Watch out for new blog posts concerning general developments about SWORD, new client and server implementations, new demo systems, and most excitingly, the proposed SWORD version 2 developments.

There are bigger changes being made too relating to the governance and leadership of the project. SWORD v1 was developed and steered by a small group of developers and advocates representing UK repository interests, and the DSpace, EPrints, Fedora and Intralibrary communities. Whilst the small group developed the SWORD v1 standard in a lightweight, agile and efficient manner, it has been decided to open development of SWORD v2 to all international interested parties, platforms, and organisations. This process will be facilitated by a technical lead and a community manager who will ensure the new standard develops in a technically sound way, whilst making sure the whole community is involved in its design.

More details will be posted shortly, but please get in contact at if you are interested in joining in!