SWORD v1 Clients and Demonstrator Repositories

SWORD Clients

Demonstration clients for use in testing SWORD implementations.

Repository Demonstrators

Access may require a username and password, these can be requested by email from sword @ swordapp.com

The DSpace, Fedora, EPrints and IntraLibrary implementations are made available for testing only. SWORD makes no guarantee regarding the availability of these services. To avoid overloading the implementations with vast numbers of large deposits, users can use the NoOp command which will instruct the server to act as though a deposit has been ingested, without actually doing so. Minor changes may still be made to any of the following.

IntraLibrary (SWORD v1.3)

NB: The following relates to a new demo SWORD installation of intraLibrary as at 3 April 2009. Please contact Andrew Robson at Intrallect for any further information on how to access this test installation: support [at] intrallect [dot] com.

Implementation: http://sword.intralibrary.com/

SWORD Test User: sword

Service Document: http://sword.intralibrary.com/IntraLibrary-Deposit/service

Optional onBehalfOf username:’ sword_contributor

Accepts: Individual files (any mimetype), IMS Content Packages, SCORM Packages. Uploading LOM XML files with a URL in Technical Location field creates a Web object in intraLibrary with any accompanying LOM metadata in the XML file.

DSpace (SWORD v1.3)

Implementation: http://demo.dspace.org/

Service document: http://demo.dspace.org/sword/servicedocument

SWORD Test User: users should create an account to user the sword interface

Accepts: application/zip

Accepted packaging formats: http://purl.org/net/sword-types/METSDSpaceSIP (1.0)

Test packages

**See Scholarly Works Application Profile