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SWORDv3 Stakeholders Call

The SWORDV3 project has been funded by Jisc with two key aims for the next generation of the SWORD Protocol:

  • To bring SWORD up-to-date with the developments in the repository sphere in the last 5 years, with alignment to new protocols and new use-cases such as data publishing and complex objects.
  • To establish community and governance mechanisms for the standard and supporting code libraries to ensure ongoing maintenance and evolution. This will include a technical validation process to allow third party libraries to be hosted under the SWORD brand.

in September, the project was formally announced at PASIG 2017 in Oxford and the RDA 10th Plenary in Montreal. We are looking for expressions of interest in becoming involved as stakeholders in the project: to make suggestions, review activities and meet as required over the coming months. In particular, we are interested in making contact with people who may wish to develop SWORD V3 libraries for their preferred platforms or languages since we aim to provide some support for such activities during the project. Please contact one of the project team  if you are interested in participating, and indicate if you are interested in the technical or community aspects of the project (or both!).

The key members of the project team are:

On the technical side, we are creating a document that brings together the change requests and new use cases that have collected since the release of SWORDV2, culled from the github site, message posts and preliminary discussions with some stakeholders earlier this year. This has also suggested a way forward that breaks with SWORD’s AtomPub roots in order to provide a more up-to-date and flexible protocol. We will circulate this to stakeholders soon.

On the community side, we will circulate a similar document outlining possible models for developing the SWORD community in the future. This is a much more open set of choices since the SWORD user-base has expanded considerably since its first conception, and we are open to further suggestions! The final arrangements must be aligned with community wishes in order to be an effective sustainable solution.

Neil Jefferies (neil.jefferies[at] @NeilSJefferies
Dom Fripp (dom.fripp[at] @Domicus
Richard Jones (richard[at] @cottagelabs

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